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The Learning Center offers individual tutoring for the following courses.
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Accounting ACCTG 2600 Survey of Accounting
ACCTG 3600 Principles of Accounting
ACCTG 3601 Honors Principles of Accounting
Anthropology ANTH 1010 Culture and the Human Experience
ANTH 1020 Human Origins: Evolution and Diversity
ANTH 4193 Medical Anthropology
Biology BIOL 1610 Fundamental Principles of Biology I: Cells, Genetics, and Biochemistry
BIOL 1615 Fundamental Principles of Biology Lab I: Cells, Genetics, and Biochemistry
BIOL 1620 Fundamental Principles of Biology II: Evolution, Ecology and Physiology
BIOL 2005 Doing Science: The Biology of Variation
BIOL 2010 Evolution and Diversity of Life
BIOL 2020 Principles of Cell Biology
BIOL 2030 Genetics
BIOL 2325 Human Anatomy
BIOL 2420 Human Physiology
BIOL 3205 General Microbiology Laboratory
BIOL 3210 General and Pathogenic Microbiology
BIOL 3240 Introduction to Cellular Neurobiology
BIOL 3320 Comparative Physiology
BIOL 3325 Comparative Physiology Laboratory
BIOL 3330 Behavioral Neurobiology
BIOL 3410 Ecology and Evolution
BIOL 3510 Biological Chemistry I
BIOL 3960 Special Topics in Biology
BIOL 5221 Human Evolutionary Genetics
BIOL 5270 Microbial Ecosystems
Business  BUS 1050 Foundations of Business Thought
BUS 1051 Honors Foundations of Business Thought
BUS 2010 Introduction to Business Economics
BUS 3800 Business Scholars Business and Social Science
BUS 3900 Business Scholars Business and Humanities
Business Core BCOR 1010 Career Exploration
BCOR 2020 Frameworks for Business Problems
BCOR 2030 Frameworks for Business Problems II
BCOR 2040 Value, Impact, Business and Entreprenuership (VIBE)
BCOR 3010 Business Fundamentals - Accounting
BCOR 3020 Business Fundamentals - Finance
BCOR 3040 Business Fundamentals - Marketing
Chemistry CHEM 1200  Preparation for General Chemistry
CHEM 1210 General Chemistry I
CHEM 1211 Honors General Chemistry I
CHEM 1215 General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 1220 General Chemistry II
CHEM 1221 Honors General Chemistry II
CHEM 1225 General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 1240 Honors General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 1241 Honors General Chemistry 
CHEM 2310 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 2315 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 2320 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 2325 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 3510 Biological Chemistry I
Communication 1610 Introduction to News Reporting and Writing 
3710 Introduction to Quantitative Communication Research
4590 Writing for Strategic Communication
Computer Languages & Programs Adobe Photoshop Software Application for Image Editing and Photo Retouching
C# Modern, General-Purpose Programming Language
C/C++ General-Purpose Programming Language
EMACS Text Editor
Excel Program for Data Analysis and Documentation
G Suite Collection of Cloud Computing, Productivity and Collaboration tools, Software & Products
Java Class-Based, Object-Oriented Programming Language
JavaScript Programming Language
Maya 3D Computer Animation Software
Microsoft Access  Database Management System
Microsoft Office Client/Server Software
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Program
Microsoft Word Word Processing and Document Creation
MySQL Database Management System
Python Programming Language
Programming Language
Unity Game Engine
Unreal Engine 4 Real-Time 3D Creation Platform for Photoreal Visuals and Immersive Experiences
Computer Science CS 1030 Foundations of Computer Science
CS 1410 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
CS 2420 Introduction to Algorithms & Data Structures
CS 3130 Engineering Probability and Statistics
CS 3500 Software Practice
CS 3505 Software Practice II
CS 3810 Computer Organization
CS 4300 Artificial Intelligence
CS 4440 Introduction to Computer Security
CS 5530 Database Systems
English ENGL 2700 Diversity in American Literature
Entertainment Arts & Engineering EAE 2100 Introduction to Game Design
Economics ECON 2010 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 2020 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 4011 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis For Business Economics and Analytics
ECON 3640 Probability and Statistical Inference for Economists
ECON 4020 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
ECON 4650 Principles of Econometrics
Environmental & Sustainability Studies ENVST 2050 Introduction to Environmental and Sustainability Science
Family & Consumer Studies FCS 3215 Beginnings: Development During Infancy & Childhood
FCS 3500 Financial Skills for Life
Finance FINAN 3040 Financial Management
FINAN 3041 Honors Financial Management
FINAN 3050 Introduction to Investments
Geography GEO 1040 The World of Dinosaurs
Health Promotion & Education H EDU 5300 Diversity and Health
H EDU 5950 Emergency Medical Technician Training
History HIST 1700 American Civilization
Honors HONOR 1000 “What you don’t know, now you know”: Your Path through Honors at the UofU
HONOR 2030 Dealing with Difference Colloquium
HONOR 2101 Honors Core in Intellectual Traditions I: Antiquity and the Beginning of the Common Era
HONOR 2103 Honors Core in Intellectual Tradition III: the rise of Modernity
HONOR 2211 Writing in Honors
Information Systems IS 2010 Computer Essentials
IS 4410 Information Systems
IS 4411 Honors Information Systems
Latin LATIN 1010 Beginning Classical Latin I
LATIN 1020 Beginning Classical Latin II
LATIN 2010 Intermediate Classical Latin I
LATIN 2020 Intermediate Classical Latin II
Math MATH 980 Algebra for College Success
MATH 1010 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 1030 Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1040 Introduction to Stat/Probability
MATH 1050 College Algebra
MATH 1060 Trigonometry
MATH 1070 Introduction to Statistical Inference
MATH 1080 Precalculus
MATH 1090 Business Algebra
MATH 1100 Business Calculus
MATH 1210 Calculus I
MATH 1220 Calculus II
MATH 1250 Calculus for AP Students I
MATH 1260 Calculus for AP Students II
MATH 1310 Engineering Calculus I
MATH 2200 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
MATH 2210 Calculus III
MATH 2250 Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
MATH 2270 Linear Algebra
MATH 2280 Introduction to Differential Equations
MATH 3070 Applied Statistics I
MATH 3160 Applied Complex Variables
MATH 3220 Foundations of Analysis II
Marketing MGT 3680 Human Behavior in Organizations
MGT 3681 Honors Human Behavior in Organizations
MKTG 3010 Principles of Marketing
MKTG 3011 Principles of Marketing - Honors
Mechanical Engineering ME EN 1000 Introduction to Mechanical Design for Engineering Systems
Operations & Information Systems OIS 2340 Business Statistics
OIS 3660 Operations Management
OIS 3661 Operations Management for Honors Students
OIS 5610 Practical Management Science
Philosophy PHIL 1250 Reasoning and Rational Decision Making
PHIL 3200 Deductive Logic
PHIL 3210 Inductive Logic
PHIL 5200 Adv. Deductive Logic
Physics PHYS 1010 Elementary Physics: The Way Things Work
PHYS 1110 Physics of the Human Body
PHYS 2010 General Physics I
PHYS 2015 General Physics Laboratory I
PHYS 2020 General Physics II
PHYS 2025 General Physics Laboratory II
PHYS 2210 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I
PHYS 2215 Physics Laboratory for Scientists and Engineers I
PHYS 2220 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II
PHYS 3210 Physics for Scientists I
PHYS 3220 Physics for Scientists II
PHYS 4410 Classical Physics I
Polital Science POLS 1100 U.S. National Government
Psychology PSY 1010 General Psychology
PSY 1011 Honors General Psychology
PSY 2010 Orientation to Psychology as a Science and Profession
PSY 2300 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior
PSY 3000 Statistical Methods in Psychology
Russian RUSS 1010 Beginning Russian I
RUSS 1020 Beginning Russian II
Sociology  SOC 3111 Research Methods
SOC 3650 Population and Society
SOC 3673 Social Epidemiology 
Spanish SPAN 1010 Beginning Spanish I
SPAN 1020 Beginning Spanish II
SPAN 2010 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2020 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 3020 Intermediate Conversation and Reading
SPAN 3060 Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPAN 3070 Introduction to Textual Analysis in Spanish
SPAN 3600 Intermediate Spanish Conversation
Strategy STRAT 3410 Business Law: The Commercial Environment
Theatre THEA 1713 Script Analysis
THEA 3110 Beginning Stage Directing
THEA 3720 History of Theatre
THEA 3740 History of Musical Theatre
Writing WRITING ASSISTANT Receive writing assistance from a tutor on papers for any subject.
WRTG 1010 Introduction to Academic Writing
WRTG 2010 Intermediate Writing: Academic Writing and Research
WRTG 2211 Honors Writing
Summer Bridge Writing Tutoring    
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