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Learning consultations will be transitioning to Student Success Coaches starting Fall 2022. Visit to learn more about getting connected with a coach.

By scheduling a learning consultation, you AGREE to abide by the Learning Center policies as laid out below.
  1. Learning Center services are available to currently-enrolled University of Utah students, throughout the year.
  2. You can schedule a maximum of five upcoming appointments at one given time. There is no limit on the amount of appointments you can have during a semester. 
  3. Learning specialists and students are required to wait for 10 minutes if the other party is running late.
    • If a student is 10 minutes late, the appointment slot will be lost.
    • If a learning specialist is 10 minutes late, please contact
  4. Use common courtesy in your interactions with your learning specialist. Keep your communication with them during reasonable hours.
  5. Give the learning specialist as much information as possible regarding what you need assistance for so they can adequately prepare. 
  6. Learning specialists have the right to deny services to students who make them feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or make any inappropriate comments. The relationship between students and learning specialists should be strictly professional.
  7. Learning specialists have the right to deny services to students they suspect are cheating. This behavior will be reported to Learning Center staff, professors, and any other appropriate entities. The Learning Center takes academic integrity very seriously.
  8. Learning consultations must take place in a public location or virtually through Zoom.
Cancellation Policies and Fees
  • Cancellations made the day before a scheduled appointment via your confirmation email or by emailing will be processed without a penalty.
  • Cancellations made the day of an appointment will result in a $5 fee. 
  • Rescheduling an appointment must be done with at least 24-hour notice or it will be considered a day-of cancellation.
No-Show Policies and Fees
  • No-show appointments will result in a $10 fee. You will not be able to schedule another appointment until your no-show fee has been paid.
  • Three unpaid no-show payments in one month may result in a hold being placed on your academic record. Holds will be removed after a full payment has been made.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you believe you have a valid reason for your day-of cancellation or no-show appointment to discuss options.

The Learning Center has the right to deny services to students who are not abiding with the above policies. 

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Last Updated: 6/9/22