Test Anxiety

The Learning Success Center offers multiple services that can help you improve your study skills and academic effectiveness:

  • Workshops on test anxiety and other academic topics
  • ED PS 2600-Strategies for College Success
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)
  • Tutoring Center

The Learning Success Center (LSC) offers workshops on test anxiety a few times each semester. Times and dates of these workshops are posted every spring and fall semesters.

LSC also offers a 3-credit course, ED PS 2600 "Strategies for College Success" which is designed for discussion and application of college learning skills, study strategies, and life skills. Topics covered include:

  • Learning Styles, Reading Textbooks
  • Taking Notes, Test Taking
  • Writing and Research Skills
  • Goals and Values
  • Time Management
  • Memory, Health/Wellness
  • Critical Thinking
  • Diversity Awareness

The course is offered Fall, Spring, and Summer semester. Class size is kept small (28 students or less) in order to provide an interactive learning environment.

In addition, LSC offers the Supplemental Instruction program, known as SI, in select General Education courses. Courses using SI vary slightly each semester and are indicated in the online class schedule. SI provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class study sessions and is open to all students registered in the course. In SI sessions student do the following:

  • Review notes
  • Discuss readings
  • Develop organizational tools
  • Prepare for examinations

SI participants average a .5 or one-half letter grade increase. SI sessions are facilitated by trained undergraduate students (SI leaders) who attend class with you and have expertise in the targeted course.

SI is FREE thanks to the support of ASUU. Specific study session schedules for each course are available on the LEP website the third week of each semester. The SI leader will also announce the times in class.

Individual and group tutoring sessions are available for currently enrolled University of Utah students through the ASUU Tutoring Center, located at 328 Student Services Building, (801) 581-5153. The cost for ASUU Tutoring is $7.00 an hour for individual and $4.00 an hour for a group of two or more and is available in most subject areas. You and your tutor decide where and when to meet. Most tutors are junior or senior level undergraduate or graduate students and specialize in the field in which they tutor.

Students receiving a Pell grant may qualify for free tutoring. For other questions regarding the Learning Success Center, please call the LSC office at 801-581-8746.