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Undergraduate SI Leader Positions for 2017-2018
with the U of U Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program
Applications Courses with Supplemental Instruction Positions:
  Accounting 2600 - Financial Accounting
Biology 2325 - Principles of Biology, Human Anatomy
Chemistry 1110, 1120, 1210, 1220, 2310, 2320 - 
Elementary Biorg Chemistry, General, & Organic Chemistry
History 1700 - American Civilization
Math 1050 & 1060 - College Algebra, Trig
Physics 2010, 2020, 2210 - General Physics & Physics for Sci & Eng
Psychology 1010 - General Psychology

Program Design and Goals

The Supplemental Instruction Program, often referred to as SI, provides organized study sessions in certain courses. These sessions are open to any students in the course and are led by undergraduates who are selected and trained to be SI leaders.

The main goal of the SI program is to help students learn the course material and improve their course grade. In addition, we assist students in improving their study skills. We also provide students with an informal, personal, small group learning experience that helps them feel connected to other students and demonstrates the power of group study.

Position Description

Undergraduate students are hired as SI leaders and assigned to a section of a course. Their responsibilities include attending the class, reviewing the reading and other course assignments, planning the SI sessions and conducting three one-hour sessions a week. The courses that have SI attached to them are selected based on their challenge to students, their size, and their key role as prerequisites or in fulfilling graduation requirements.

The position is ten hours a week. New leaders are paid at the rate of $1,480 per semester ($9.25 an hour) for conducting three SI sessions a week as well as for time spent attending class, preparing for sessions and receiving supervision. Additional benefits of the position for SI leaders are the opportunity for independent study course credit, employment on campus, acquisition of teaching and leadership skills, learning course material at a deeper level, the satisfaction of helping other students, and a source of letters of recommendation for future employment and/or graduate school.

Selection Criteria

To be eligible, an applicant must be a matriculated undergraduate student at the University of Utah. Among other criteria, leaders are selected based on their interpersonal and communication skills, competency in the subject matter, overall academic record, and grades in the subject area for which they are applying.

Leader Training

Leaders receive extensive mandatory training (two days) just prior to the start of Fall Semester. SI leaders beginning Spring Semester participate in a condensed training the end of Fall Semester. The SI training covers the SI model of instruction, discussion leading techniques, tips for successful SI sessions, and more. SI leaders are assigned a supervisor who provides ongoing training and assistance. For a sample of last year’s training please see our website, or request a copy from Brenda Flynn. 801-581-8746.

Application Procedure

Please complete and submit the following application materials: 1-the completed application 2- a current resume 3- a copy of your transcripts (official or unofficial). Incomplete applications will not be considered. Submit all materials to:

Leslie Giles-Smith, SI Program Manager 
Supplemental Instruction Program 
Student Services Building Room 330
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9061

If you have any questions, please email Brenda Flynn or call 801-581-8746. Applications may also be submitted online at

Last Updated: 1/3/18