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Apply for SI Leader Positions

Position Description

Undergraduate students are hired as SI leaders and are assigned to one of several selected courses, based on their experience and area of study. These courses vary slightly from semester to semester, but generally include lower-division accounting, biology, chemistry, math, and physics.

Responsibilities of a leader include:

  • Attend the assigned class
  • Review the reading material and other course assignments
  • Plan and conduct 3 one-hour SI sessions a week
  • Attend start-of-term intensive training and additional trainings throughout the semester


  • New leaders are paid at the rate of $1,480 per semester ($9.25 an hour, 10 hours/week)
  • Option to enroll in ED PS 5860 (an independent study course) for up to 3 graded credits. The requirements for this course are fulfilled by completing the SI leader responsiblities

Leader Application

Please complete and submit the Supplemental Instruction Leader Application.

Applications are reviewed each semester and interviews are conducted for open positions as needed. If you have any questions about the SI Leader positions or the application process, please email Riley Larsen.


Last Updated: 8/7/19