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This is designed to help you find the basic study tips and academic support you need anytime, anywhere. You’ll find a variety of excellent academic resources compiled from several universities and learning web sites. Links will redirect you to the original site/source.

Academic Success Strategies


Center for Disability and Access
University of Utah Center for Disability and Access and information on the resources available through the University. 

Rights and Responsibilities of Students with Learning Disabilities 
The Learning Disabilities Association of America information about required academic accomidations for students with learning disabilities.

10 Tips for College Students with Learning Disabilities 
A list of 10 tips for students with Learning Disabilities as provided by NPR. 

Effective Learning Strategies
Learning resources about organization, independent learning, learning from others, writing, and math. 

College Success and Learning Strategies A list of strategies to help students, specifically those starting college, learn about how to be an effective college student, with resources on effective studying strategies. 

How to Study
Information about how to improve your study skills, including getting ready to study, taking in information, remembering information, and how to output that information. 

Memory and the Information Processing Model
Information about the information processing model, why we forget, and memory strategies.

Memory Techniques and Mnemonics
An introduction to memory techniques, mnemonics, and designing your own mnemonics to help your memory. 

This is a strategy that helps students to preview text before they start reading. THIEVES is a pre-reading strategy that sets the purpose for reading using an easily remembered acronym. Students learn how to “steal” information from the text before they actually read it.

10 Strategies to Improve Your Reading Comprehension for College
Tips for improving reading comprehension of college-level texts such as, creating a reading environment to focus and concentrate, annotating and highlighting key terms definitions, summarization, and more. Additionally, the guide shares external resources and tools to use within a study session.

168 Hours
There are 168 hours in each week. Understanding how you are currently spending your time is the first step in effectively utilizing this nonrenewable resource.

The Real Reason You Procrastinate
"Research shows that even though you relate to your procrastination as a way to avoid doing something, you actually put things on the back burner as a response to stress. In this video, [Mel Robbins] share[s] how to handle that stress so you can start taking action and leave procrastination (and the guilt that comes with it) in the dust once and for all."
Learn words that are essential to academic and business success.

Common Errors in English
Developed by an English professor at Washington State University. Presents lists of errors and explanations. Example: definitions and explanations of affect and effect. Contains links to other useful English/writing Web sites and resources.

Study Strategies

What is Critical Thinking?
An introduction to the concept of Critical Thinking, the important components of critical thinking and how to implement it in your life. 

Algebra help
Lessons on basic concepts such as factoring, simplifying equations, word problems, as well as worksheets that can be graded or show a step-by-step solution.

Is Online Learning For You?
A list of links for tips for studying in online courses, assessments to determine if you would be a successful online learner, do's/don'ts for online learning, and more. Compiled by Learning Supports Centers in Higher Education (LSCHE).

Tips for Online Courses
Information about how to decide if online courses are for you, as well as tips on how to be an effective online student. 

Study Guides, Tips and Tricks
A comprehensive site that includes information on Study Guides, Study Skills, Speed Reading Tips, Writing Tips and Time Management.

Testing Strategies

Is It Possible to Overcome Test Anxiety?
This article from the Mayo Clinic looks at effective strategies for overcoming and working with test anxiety.

Test-Taking Strategies Inventory
Evaluate your current test-taking strategies to see what your most and least productive habits are and decide what changes you need to make in order to more effectively prepare for and take exams. 

Understanding Exam Formats
In order to successfully take an exam, you must first understand the format. Learn some tips and tricks for each type of exam question. 

Personal Wellness

University of Utah Center for Student Wellness
Information about the Center for Student Wellness and the resources that they provide for University of Utah Students. 

Go Ask Alice
Health related questions and answers from Columbia University's Health Center.

Mayo Clinic Health Information
Mayo Clinic Web site containing physician-reviewed articles and other information on health, fitness, and nutrition topics.

Prevention Magazine
A monthly magazine with articles on health, fitness, food, and many other health-related topics.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

University Counseling Center
Currently enrolled University of Utah students are eligible for Counseling Services. The UCC staff is committed to supporting the mental health needs of the campus community by provoding one-on-one sessions, crisis appointments and mindfulness workshops. 

National Institutes of Health
The National Institutes of Health (NIH), a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the nation’s medical research agency — making important discoveries that improve health and save lives.

Additional Resources


University of Utah - Marriot Library
Information about the University of Utah library, the J. Willard Marriot Library and the resources that they provide. 

University of Utah - Faust Law Library 
Information about the University of Utah library, the James E. Faust Library and the resources they provide to students from the College of Law. 

University of Utah - Eccles Health Sciences Library 
Information about the University of Utah library, the Spence S. Eccles Library and the resources they provide to the Health Sciences students. 

The City Library - Salt Lake City Public Library System 
Information about the Salt Lake City public library system, the resources they provide and the events that they host. 

Salt Lake County Library Services
Information about the Salt Lake Country public library system, the resources the provide and the programs they host.  

Poster and Presentation Resources 
Resources on general presentation advice, poster presentations, powerpoint presentations, and effective visual communication. 

Learning Lab - Oral Presentations
RMIT University information about giving good presentations, including a "lifehack" page on oral presentations.

University of Utah's Writing Center
Describes the available writing tutor services available through the College of Humanities.

Writing resources
Excellent! from Purdue University, including handouts, online writing labs, indexes, style guides, reference resources, and more.

Last Updated: 3/27/23